Music in me



Christy Nockels



Jesus, You are so wonderful
So wonderful in all Your ways
The highest praise is Yours alone
Cause You are so wonderful
So wonderful You are

Jesus You are so beautiful
So beautiful that You outshine
The brightest light
There’s no one like You cause You are so beautiful
So beautiful You are

And my life will burn for You
Cause Your light shines in the darkness
I was hopeless and You lifted up my hand
To sing for joy, with a song that breaks the silence of my worship 
And I’m singing of the day 
And forevermore, You will be adored
Cause You are wonderful

Jesus You are magnificent
Magnificent, I’m confident Your evidence is everywhere
Cause You are magnificent
Magnificent You are

there was a week (a couple of weeks ago) when i only listened to this song and teared up over and over again because the lyrics..this prayer is so beautiful.

Christy Nockels

—For Your Splendor

I’m so concerned with what I’ll look like from the outside
Will I blossom into what You hope I’ll be?
Yet You’re so patient just to help me
The blooms come from the deepest seed that you’ve planted in me

Sometimes it’s hard to grow when everybody’s watching
To have your heart pruned by the One who knows best
And though I’m bare and cold, I know my season’s coming
And I’ll spring up in Your endless faithfulness

With my roots deep in You
I’ll grow the branch that bears the fruit
And though I’m small I’ll still be standing in the storm
Cause I am planted by the river,
By Your streams of living water
And I’ll grow up strong and beautiful
All for Your splendor Lord

So with my arms stretched out i’m swaying to your heartbeat
I’m growing with the sound of Your voice calling
You’re bringing out the beauty that You have put in me
For Your joy and for Your glory falling 

(Source: jiyooon)


—Like A Fire


Like a fire shut up in my bones
I want the world to know You are God
With a passion burning deep within
I want the world to know that You live

Let Your presence come and saturate
Every part of me, make me new
Let Your Spirit come and move within
Fill me once again ’cause I need more

Jesus I’m desperate for You
Jesus I’m hungry for You
Jesus I’m longing for You
‘Cause Lord You are all I want

Come like a flood and saturate me now
You’re all I want
Come like the wind and sweep throughout this place
You’re all we want